Meet the team


We value your time

Imagine for a moment, not having to spend hours chatting with designers. No pointless revisions, no talks about color and font-size. Instead, you get spot-on results on the first try. Nothing to complain about. Days or even weeks saved. Now you can spend that time working your business.

JJ Coleman
JJ estimates he’s responsible for sending out over 10 Million credit card offers during his years at American Express. While he feels somewhat guilty for creating so much “junk mail”, he values the marketing insight he’s gained in the process.
Kev Dougans
We always knew after creating a computer game at the age of 13, he was a little geeky. He loves food, especially seafood. So if you ever, can’t get a hold of him he is probably on a boat somewhere eating seafood, playing computer games.
Deane McFarlane
Deane is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with a knack for event marketing. He’s also passionate about traveling and a thrill seeker. Hence his excitement for starting a new venture where he gets to travel to Scotland multiple times a year.
Paul Baxter
Classical music lover from young age with size 13 feet. He may struggle to find shoes but he definitely knows how to answer the phone, after working in so many call centres. We call him ‘Call Centre Paul’
James Hunter
It’s a miracle this guy has never broken a bone in his body considering he loves anything that involves a bike, snowboard, skateboard, kyak, basically anything that doesn’t involve walking! The only time he sits down is to code a website, we would like to see him build a website whilst skateboarding.
Keri Bruce
Keri, the creative enthusiast has drawn a picture everyday for almost 4 years! That is a lot of drawing. She can even play the clarinet whilst she does a drawing, talk about talent!